Green Branding Experts

At Carlson Studio Marketing we have adopted a modest, but effective business model:

we create marketing solutions that help business, government and NGOs reach their prospective target audiences then communicate their value proposition, sustainable programs, policies or initiatives

It's not a difficult concept, but mastering it requires know how and experience.  To do this, we employ a triple bottom line approach. In addition to addressing profitability, our tactics also focus on outcomes that benefit people and the planet. Our clients achieve their business objectives through our strategic, well-executed and environmentally-friendly marketing, public relations and community outreach strategies.

Our experience in strategic planning and brand management gives us the foundation to develop and implement sustainable marketing and public relations strategies that work.  And we've been working at this since the phrase "sustainability" was coined. 

Our unique niche and eco-friendly communication strategies help our clients succeed in targeted business markets and community outreach. We produce results by helping to shape sustainable brands through a consultative approach that combines account management acumen, public relations that integrate social and traditional media as well as social marketing and green branding. 

Carlson Eco Consulting        

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